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Think about South Africa’s premier wholesale distributor of Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings to the trade and you will be thinking about Maxifren. The two names have been synonymous since Maxifren, then a part of B & U Holdings acquired in 2010 the sole distributorship in South Africa for one of the world’s most famous names in braking. Today, Maxifren may be part of the Motus stable, but the products and expertise offered to the market are the same.

For Maxifren, managing the Ferodo CV lining brand in South Africa and marketing its products to commercial transport operators will always be a priority. The Ferodo name is respected and trusted throughout the automotive industry and will, therefore, remain the jewel in the crown of Maxifren’s offerings which also includes the respected Sachs and Covata range of clutches and clutch components – Covata being the ‘house brand’ that Maxifren introduced to South Africa in 2013.

Success is about relationships

Success in the highly competitive automotive sector is about quality, price and relationships. For Maxifren management, who have a combined history of more than 70 years’ experience in the brake and clutch industry, it is relationships, product knowledge and the ability to meet customers’ needs that makes Maxifren unique.

Commercial brake linings and clutches can be purchased anywhere. It is only at Maxifren that Ferodo, Covata, and unrivaled industry knowledge and expertise come together.

Covata, introduced initially to address aftermarket demand that developed for some German and Japanese vehicles products, complements the respected Sachs international range that is also part of the Maxifren product range.

Maxifren, a place where advice and expert assistance are part of the package

Maxifren’s corporate history and development reflect the changes and dynamic nature of the entire value chain within the South African automotive industry. It is an industry that is competitive. As such, it is made up of people with wide-ranging skills-each focused on delivering a vital part of an integrated service to a trade that is vital in building the economy of the nation.

The fact is that most of the nation’s requirements are moved by road. The movement of goods means that thousands of commercial vehicles cross the highways and byways every day, bringing products and services to small towns, cities and ports. Each of these commercial vehicles contains thousands of parts-some of the most important being heavy-duty clutches and brakes.

At Maxifren, we are aware of the critical part that the brake systems and clutches we supply play in keeping vehicles on the road and the safety they provide drivers and other road users.

It is this awareness that drives our commitment to provide only quality, robust and tested products to the industry through the network of Ferobrake dealers and some independents that operate across South Africa and its neighbouring countries. It is a position of trust that we, as a supplier of critical automotive components, take seriously.

We have strong relationships with our customers who have an open invitation to contact our offices and discuss their requirements or concerns with our highly-experienced staff.

It is an invitation that is also open to members of the local motoring industry. If we can offer advice, or answer questions regarding brake and clutch specifications and applications, we will do so.

“Quality means doing it right when no one’s looking.”

— Henry Ford.


Ferobrake outlets

Independent but single-minded about product and service excellence

Ferobrake dealers are independent traders who own their businesses but have signed trading agreements entitling them to trade as Ferobrake-one of the most recognised names in the automotive aftermarket services in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Ferobrake dealers are well-positioned across the country to service the needs of the automotive industry and have built solid reputations as ‘one-stop shops’ where quality brake fittings and clutches are available for most makes of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Maxifren also stocks disc brake pads for cars, LDV’s and commercial vehicles, brake fluid and light-duty discs (rotors)

For more information on Ferobrake Visit: www.ferobrake.co.za

Covata clutches

A growing brand developing a ‘following in South Africa

Covata is a South African success story- a brand that was initially introduced as a limited range to ‘fill gaps’ in the market but is now a growing range fitted as a product of choice by many operators in the commercial vehicle sector.

Maxifren’s Covata brand of medium and heavy-duty clutches was developed in 2013 as a ‘house brand’ to meet the need for niche products in the South African market. Sourced overseas from specially selected factories, Covata products follow a specified Maxifren production and auditing process. Several of these tests are repeated as a control measure when they arrive on local shores.

Covata clutch plates are made from friction materials that range from solid woven facings to hybrid, half-woven with sintered buttons, or sintered only and comply with OE specifications. Covata clutch systems are fit for purpose, affordable aftermarket clutches that carry a warranty against manufacturing defects. More details about the Covata range can be obtained from Maxifren.

Exclusive Distribution


In 2010 B & U Holdings was appointed the exclusive distributor of Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings in South Africa and certain neighboring countries, and this exclusivity formed part of the acquisition by Africa Automotive Aftermarket Solutions in 2015. Ferodo is an international brand owned by Federal- Mogul Motorparts. Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings have been manufactured in South Africa for over 50 years and Ferodo has established itself internationally as the leading manufacturer and supplier to many vehicle manufacturers. In addition to Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings Maxifren also stock Ferodo disc brake pads for cars, LDV’s and commercial vehicles, brake fluid and light duty discs (rotors).

Ferodo was associated with motor racing and Grand Prix racing for the decades ranging from the 1960s onward and encompassing the careers of stalwarts like Jim Clark.

Ferodo is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and aftermarket products. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation. Today, Ferodo®is synonymous with excellence and a continued commitment to developing braking solutions for the future.

Other Brands


Since the inception of Maxifren in the Cape, we have been proud of our association with Sachs Clutches and offer a wide range of their products at competitive prices. In 2012, Maxifren Wadeville was also granted distribution of Sachs products.

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